Appetite for Books
Claudia Kousoulas is an accomplished home cook, inveterate cookbook collector and a freelance writer. This expereince comes to bear at Appetite for Books, an on-line cookbook review site where reviews range from old favorites to the latest trends.

Claudia tests every book she reviews in her own kitchen, trying a variety of recipes, looking for promises kept and unexpected pitfalls. A passion for good food carries her to each new book with a fresh eye, and after reviewing more than 500 books, she can read each new book with a knowledge of social, culinary, and historic context. Appetite reviews give readers all the basic information, including commentary and cooking tips, all in a lively journalistic style.

Claudia is a freelance writer who has written newspaper columns and features on varied topics including architecture, urban planning, and world culture. She co-authored Contemporary Architecture in Washington, D.C., published by John Wiley & Sons. An prize-winning cook, Claudia has assembled an extensive collection of cookbooks, participated in food classes and workshops, and has designed and taught speciality food workshops, including gingerbread house construction for the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C.

Claudia lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and son.